Sweet Sadistic Cam & Phone Mistress

I’m aware that I may come across as a sweet Mistress, but you would be wrong to assume My sweetness for weakness. Being sensually seductive is just a manipulative tactic that I use in My approach to domination, and it is all part of My plan to own you. After all, flies flock to honey faster than vinegar, do they not?

The same stands true for poor little losers like you, I’m afraid.

Once you’ve wandered into My web, though, you’ll quickly discover just how sadistic this seemingly sweet Mistress can be. When you’re with Me, I’ll pull you into an epically twisted fantasy world that will become your reality, where My every wish is your command.

I am your Goddess, and you will worship Me as such. My desires, My wants; they are your #1 priority. My amusement is your utmost responsibility. And the quicker you scurry to obey Me, the happier we both shall be.

Once you are in My clutches, you should be careful to never tempt the wrath of this Mistress, or you will soon discover how seriously I take disobedience. I am always eager to reign down cruel, unrelenting punishments, earned or not. So if you fuck up and piss off your Mistress, you can rest assured that the intensity will be extreme. I will exploit your weakness and deny you even the fantasy of the sweet release that you so desperately beg for, until I am quite certain you have learned your lesson.

Do you have what it takes to serve a sweet, yet sadistic Mistress like me?


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