Dance, Monkey, Dance

Welcome To Loserville

Are you a pathetic piece of shit? Do you need to be shamed for your inadequacies?

I love doing humiliation cam shows and phone sex calls with guys like you! Not because you personally interest me. (Like, ewwww!) But because there is nothing I enjoy more than making a guy confess all of his shortcomings and punishing him for being such a major LOSER!

Guys like you need to be used and abused for being such a pathetic waste of space, and I am just the girl to give you the verbal ass reaming you know you deserve! I am a Goddess that has no sympathy for lesser men, and will dole out exactly what you have coming.

One of my favorite things to do with a loser is to make them get on cam and do all sorts of degrading things while I laugh. I love watching you scurry to obey my commands, hoping to please the Goddess with every humiliating task. As you should. Since you’re not a REAL man, the only role left for you to fill is that of my slave, and your worth is directly linked to my amusement.

So dance, monkey, dance!


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