I Want The Real Deal


If you’ve spent any time at all figuring out just what I’m all about, I am sure you have already realized that I don’t take any shit from anyone. I despise fakes. I hate little bitches that top from the bottom. I am a Mistress, and I don’t care if you’re a pay pig, a sissy slave, or any other kind of submissive, you do not tell Me how to handle your fucking ass. I am a woman in control. I have the pussy; I make the rules!

You come to Me. I don’t go looking for lame ass men. I don’t need too. The men that belong in my life come to Me, usually on their knees, begging to be a part of My harem. And I can see right through any attempt to try to dominate the Domme, so don’t waste My time being a poser. If you aren’t a submissive, this is no place for you. I am a Mistress. Not the kind that kisses your ass and your cock. I beat your ass and torture your cock. That is how Mistress is defined in my book. So if you are truly looking for someone to take control of you, bring meaning to your pathetic life, and show you what it means to be truly submissive then maybe you can get a chance with Me. But if you aren’t sincere about serving Me, don’t waste My time.

  Slaves of all sorts are welcome, but you had better be the real thing, or be ready to be groomed to be something useful.

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