Little Dick Loser


You are such a pathetic little fucker. I have told you over and over again just what a total fuck stain I think you are. And now that you’ve dropped your pants, I can’t stop laughing at your tiny tool. I bet every girl you’ve ever shown it to has laughed and told you to “get the fuck away from me with that thing”. I have seen clits bigger than your penis. It feels wrong to even call it a penis because it is so small. It is virtually useless. How do you get any pleasure from that? You can barely see it, let alone stroke it. Even your balls are tiny. Acorn size at best. How much cum could be in there? A couple drops? Hahahaha! Well, at least they are proportionate. 

I think if you want your pin dick to cum, you should pay a Cum Tax. That’s right, your pathetic little dick does not get to shoot that loser load unless you pay for it. That’s why you’re calling me, right? I am the only person that will help you get your baby dick off. No one else wants to go near that baby cock. 

Are you getting hard? *squint* It’s so small, I really can’t tell. I bet any kind of contact with my fingers would really get you going. Hell, I bet if I just blow on it, it’s going stiffen up.

**Lightly Blows**

There we go. It didn’t get much bigger, but now it’s awake fully awake. I have my measuring tape ready to get the maximum length on record. Oh my Fucking god it’s bigger than I thought.

Drum roll please. Your baby dick is ……

a full 3 inches long.


What the fuck is a Goddess like me suppose to do with that? Not. Fucking. Shit. You’re about 5 inches too small for me! So I am just going to sit back and laugh my ass off while you two finger stroke your tiny piss stick and make it squirt a tiny little puddle of jizz. Then I’m going to make you lick that up. Don’t worry. I’m sure there won’t be much, so it won’t be that bad. Like I said, your balls are tiny.

Then you’re going to tuck your pathetic excuse for a dick away, and keep your hands off of it until I tell you that you can touch it again.

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