Foot Worship Cam Show


It isn’t often that I feel like turning on my cam line, so if you want the golden opportunity to worship my divine feet in real time, you will have to prove that you are worthy of my time. I want to hear just how badly you want to suck my tender toes, and lick my delicate arches. I’ll know by the tone of desperation in your voice, the urgency in your pleading, that you are sincere, and should be permitted to request an audience at the Queen’s feet.

Feet are the lowest point, and over all the least appreciated part of the body. And when you kneel to worship them, you are acknowledging that your status is at the very bottom. So when I turn on my cam, you will bow before me, and tell me that you recognize that this is your place, and you have come ready to serve my every desire.

If you’d like to be a good little foot slave, and spoil my beautiful feet, you can pay for my pedicure here, or buy something for them from my WISHLIST.



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