Bow Down, Bitch!


There is nothing that pleases this sadistic Mistress more than seeing you bowed before me, totally emasculated and begging for mercy, while I strip away the last remnants of your dignity with my vile, soul crushing words.

You are such a useless sissy bitch boy, only worthy of being transformed into the cock craving faggot. You are such a loser, I don’t even deem you worthy of licking the cream pie out of my cunt. If you want to taste my pussy, you’re going to have to clean it off the cock that fucks me! That’s the closest to my cunt you’re ever going to get!

No, no more pussy for you, ever. Instead you are going to be a total fuck pig faggot, and my extreme hardcore humiliation will train you to beg for dick like the greedy little cum whore that I know you should be!

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