Submit To Me

Humiliation Phone Sessions.jpg

Who you are is not the problem. Not accepting who you are is the problem. If you keep hoping that one day they won’t laugh at your 3-inch, baby carrot, dick or that one day she’ll stop coming home so late, or that one day you won’t be so fucking weak, you will always feel the pain of being a failure. You will always feel the shame of not living up to expectations. Why torture yourself with hope? There is no hope for you. You are a loser, and you will always be a loser. Accept who you are, submit to me, and make the most out of your pathetic, insignificant life.

It’s ironic how free you’ll feel after you slip on the leash and collar. No more pretending and failing to be someone you could never be. No more lying to yourself. No more denying what’s in your DNA. You have the S gene. You were born to worship me. When you bow down at my pretty feet, you will find the purpose you never thought you had, which is to serve me. When you look up, you’ll see the only thing that matters and you will know what it finally feels like to be where you belong. The sooner you come terms with the undeniable, the sooner you will realize that it is better to have a purpose, no matter how subservient and humiliating it may be, than to have no purpose at all.

You have no other purpose.

Submit to me.

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