Making Pain


My sensual femininity is my ultimate power tool. But don’t think that means I won’t administer pain when you need to be punished. Hahaha Who am I kidding? Sometimes I administer pain just because I want to. What can I say? After a hard day, the sound of a slave whimpering in pain can be such a stress reliever. But once I decide that a slave must pay, either for his own transgressions or because I need to unwind, I have to make a decision. How am I going to make him hurt? There are so many ways to make pain.

I’ve found that ball and cock torture is especially effective for disobedient slaves. That kind of pain is memorable. It sends a message. Plus, there’s a special kind of fear in a slave’s eyes when you’ve literally got him by the balls . It’s a fear like no other. I like that. The sounds are different too. I swear I could listen to a symphony of nothing but guys getting their cocks and balls tortured. It’s music to my ears.

When I need to make a slave understand that his body is no longer his body, nothing works better than increasing his circumference. I’ll open up a slave’s ass until it’s the size of a manhole if that’s what it takes for them to understand that I own them. My slaves tend to catch on quick though, so I haven’t had to go that far yet. Yet…

There are all kinds of tools and instruments that can be used to inflict physical pain, and they have their place. But I don’t need clamps, ropes, whips, monster dildos or anything else to inflict on you the worst kind of pain, and that’s psychological.


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