Dear Mistress…


I thought I’d post an email I got from one of my sissy subs to encourage you reluctant cocksuckers to put on your big girl panties and get down on your knees.

Dear Mistress,

I wanted to talk to you but you weren’t available. But I couldn’t wait to tell you that I sucked cock for you today, Mistress, and now I’m a real sissy. I have a confession to make. It took me a while to get my nerve up. I went to the bookstore yesterday but I chickened out. That’s why I sent you that big tribute. I was ashamed of myself and wanted to make up for letting you down, even though you didn’t know I did. But I didn’t give up, Mistress. I put on my red panties with the black lace and went back down there today and made you proud.

I saw a guy reading the magazines. I could tell he was getting turned on so when he went to the back where the bathroom is I followed him. My heart was beating so hard but all I thought about was serving you Mistress. Just before he went into the bathroom, I reached out and grabbed his cock. He yelled at me and asked me what the fuck I was doing. And I told him. I said I want to suck his cock. He was a big guy. He looked like the truck driving type. I thought he was going to punch me or something. But he opened the door and told me to come in.

As soon as he slid his fat cock meat in my mouth, the sissy in me came out. I sucked his cock like you were watching me. I could hear your voice in my head telling me to be a good little cock whore. He had huge fucking balls and I gobbled those down too while I worked his cock with my hands. I felt him get hard as brick and put my lips on his cockhead just in time to catch his load. It was so much cum! When he finished with me he said ‘damn you faggots can some suck some cock’. It felt so good when he said that. After he left I could taste cum and smell his balls on my face and I had to cum twice before I could leave.

You were so right, Mistress. I’ve been fantasizing about this for so long but only you could bring it out of me. I’m glad you own me. I’m so cock hungry now. I just posted an ad on CL. I might have some more cock in my mouth and my ass by the time I talk to you again! Can’t wait to talk to you and tell you more. My cock is so hard right now I can’t take it.


Sissy Sarah

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