Explore With Me


I’m not called the Queen of Mean for nothing, you know. There are several reasons, actually. Men love to be pushed to their limits, just to see how much they can endure. And I am just the woman to do it! I love to administer pain. I love to hear you begging and pleading. The more I hear a man cry out, the more I want to keep right on giving it.

I am always looking for some new sissy bitches and slaves to add to my harem. Men really do love to be controlled and owned. Especially those puppets that are looking for someone to give some meaning to their pathetic little lives.

But I am a true Mistress. I demand loyalty and dedication. No one tops from the bottom with me. You come into my world because you want to belong to someone. Maybe you are confused or lost. Or you just want to explore something new and different. You may have discovered certain things you never thought you would ever even think about and suddenly you have become obsessed with. What does it feel like to be degraded, to wear panties, to feel pain, to play with toys, to be pushed over the edge, and so much more? When I take control of you the sky is the limit. I will push you to try all the things you thought you would never do. That is what I am here for.

And don’t you forget it.

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Turning You Into My Sissy


If you are dying to try out some sissy phone sex with me, then you have probably heard just how kinky I can be. I love to humiliate bitch boy losers like you. I have no tolerance for men who are weak and ill equipped to perform their manly duties. And I can sniff out your kind from a mile away. You reek of inadequacies and desperation. So don’t even try to pretend with me. There really is no need. I can see exactly what you are good for. And it’s not for pleasing my pretty pussy.

Sissy training is what you need. And I am sure I can bring you more pleasure by using you as my cum guzzling faggot slut than you ever hoped to receive while failing at being a real man. You will attract a lot more attention as a sissy, I promise you. Strong men crave someone like you. Strong men with big cocks. They love to humiliate and use you just as much as I do. But I probably won’t put you out there to be used by real men right away. I like to take it slow, and train you properly. I want to play with you for awhile. I want to teach you how to be the perfect sissy. You will learn to dress the part, act the part, and enjoy the part.

We can start by locking your little mini tool up so you can only rub it like a little clit when you get excited. Then I will dress you in sexy clothes and apply some slutty make up. And I will show you how sissy faggots learn to be good cock suckers. And when I think you’re ready, I’ll give your sissy pussy will get what I have taught you to crave; the feel of a big, fat dick stretching your sissy slut hole. And if you’re a good little slut, and work really hard at it, the sissygasam you’ll receive will be better than any nut you’ve ever busted.
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Foot Worship Cam Show


It isn’t often that I feel like turning on my cam line, so if you want the golden opportunity to worship my divine feet in real time, you will have to prove that you are worthy of my time. I want to hear just how badly you want to suck my tender toes, and lick my delicate arches. I’ll know by the tone of desperation in your voice, the urgency in your pleading, that you are sincere, and should be permitted to request an audience at the Queen’s feet.

Feet are the lowest point, and over all the least appreciated part of the body. And when you kneel to worship them, you are acknowledging that your status is at the very bottom. So when I turn on my cam, you will bow before me, and tell me that you recognize that this is your place, and you have come ready to serve my every desire.

If you’d like to be a good little foot slave, and spoil my beautiful feet, you can pay for my pedicure here, or buy something for them from my WISHLIST.



Little Dick Loser


You are such a pathetic little fucker. I have told you over and over again just what a total fuck stain I think you are. And now that you’ve dropped your pants, I can’t stop laughing at your tiny tool. I bet every girl you’ve ever shown it to has laughed and told you to “get the fuck away from me with that thing”. I have seen clits bigger than your penis. It feels wrong to even call it a penis because it is so small. It is virtually useless. How do you get any pleasure from that? You can barely see it, let alone stroke it. Even your balls are tiny. Acorn size at best. How much cum could be in there? A couple drops? Hahahaha! Well, at least they are proportionate. 

I think if you want your pin dick to cum, you should pay a Cum Tax. That’s right, your pathetic little dick does not get to shoot that loser load unless you pay for it. That’s why you’re calling me, right? I am the only person that will help you get your baby dick off. No one else wants to go near that baby cock. 

Are you getting hard? *squint* It’s so small, I really can’t tell. I bet any kind of contact with my fingers would really get you going. Hell, I bet if I just blow on it, it’s going stiffen up.

**Lightly Blows**

There we go. It didn’t get much bigger, but now it’s awake fully awake. I have my measuring tape ready to get the maximum length on record. Oh my Fucking god it’s bigger than I thought.

Drum roll please. Your baby dick is ……

a full 3 inches long.


What the fuck is a Goddess like me suppose to do with that? Not. Fucking. Shit. You’re about 5 inches too small for me! So I am just going to sit back and laugh my ass off while you two finger stroke your tiny piss stick and make it squirt a tiny little puddle of jizz. Then I’m going to make you lick that up. Don’t worry. I’m sure there won’t be much, so it won’t be that bad. Like I said, your balls are tiny.

Then you’re going to tuck your pathetic excuse for a dick away, and keep your hands off of it until I tell you that you can touch it again.

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