Fuck Yourself For Me, ClitDick


One of my favorite fetishes is small penis humiliation. And I especially love you little webcam sluts that get on skype and show me just how tiny your tool is! You clitty dick mother fuckers crack me the fuck up! I enjoy taunting and teasing virgin losers that never have a shot at getting any real pussy. I love hearing about the times you’ve worked up enough nerve to pull it out in front of a girl, hoping for the best, only to be shut down, laughed at, and told to put that baby dick away.

I also love a little dick loser that overcompensates for his mini package with a huge fucking dildo up his ass! I’ve seen you fuckers take dildos in your slut holes I wouldn’t let near my pussy! I mean, I’m a size queen and all, but those are some big ass fucking behemoth dicks! Does your poor little stretched out asshole EVER recover from that!?

But the fun really gets started when I make you start improvising with stuff you find around the house: toothbrushes, flashlights, wine bottles. I’ve even been know to make my little dick bitch boys take baseball bats up the ass! Whatever is handy. Haha! So how about putting on a show for Mistress Annikah tonight? I need a good laugh!

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Locked Up In Chastity For Mistress Annikah


Do you want that cock cage unlocked? I know that you feel like you’ve been in that cock cage for an eternity, but in reality, your cock hasn’t been my prisoner for very long. I know that the “click” of the lock is still freshly echoing in your memory. And its hard to think of anything else but release when you’re all locked up, isn’t it? It’s not like you weren’t horny enough without that cage! But now you’re wearing a cold hard constant reminder of unattainable desire. Knowing you’re unable to get an erection in that cage makes your dick try even harder, doesn’t it? Hahahahaha!

All you can think about is what I’m going to demand of you in order to earn your way out so you can get that sweet release. I can see in your eyes how badly you are craving it, growing in intensity with each passing minute. I know that you’re willing to do whatever it is I want. But as you try to imagine the kinky scenarios that I may create, you realize that because I’m so unpredictable, you have no fucking idea what I really might ask of you. You cannot fathom the depths of my depravity, and that realization terrifies you. The brilliant torment is just too much! It pleases me know know that you’re tossing and turning. Wanting and wondering. Fantasizing with aching anticipation.

Might it even occur to you that once released, you will still be denied?

HAHAHAHA! I’m sure it didn’t.

Oh, to work so hard to achieve release from the device only to remain a prisoner still once freed from the physical cage. What kind of twisted sadistic Mistress would do that?

This one, my pet.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head about what I decide to do, because you are totally powerless in the situation, anyway. What I decide to do with you and your cock rests entirely upon whatever whim of my own that I feel like fulfilling. The best you can do is attempt to stay in my good graces.

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Admit it; You’re a Pin Dick


Few calls are as fun as small penis humiliation phone sex. I love laughing at little dicks. You could never please me with that little useless worm between your legs. I know that when you call me on the phone you are already stroking your pathetic little pencil dick. You tell me that you have a big cock, but I can see right through that bullshit. It is nothing more than a little bitch boy clitty. What you should be doing is telling me just how pathetic you really are, and how worthless that little pin dick is because you are not man enough to take care of a real woman.

You have to put two fingers together to feel your little dick and stroke that sorry excuse for a prick. Do you really think you have what it takes to turn a woman on? Hell, you can’t shoot a load large enough to turn on a man, let alone a woman. Who do you think you are going to please? Surely not a Goddess like me! I’m the type of woman that needs to be fucked deep and hard, not just a tickle from a small pencil dick like yours.

I guess the best thing that you can have going for you is a hard tongue, so I hope you know how to work it. But you won’t be using it on me. I have better uses for pathetic men like you, like putting you on your knees and making you my little fluffer bitch.

But if you’re lucky, I will let you to hang around and watch a real man fuck my hot, wet pussy. A man with big dick. A REAL man. I bet he would love to laugh at your small dick too, while he is shoving his big cock down your throat.

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Draw Closer To My Flame, Little Moth


If you are reading my blog you most likely enjoy the same deviant fantasies that my sadistic inner demon does. As a femdom, CBT is one of my favorite ways to indulge myself. Hearing your cries gets me off like nothing else. And to see you on cam, obeying my every order and inflicting the punishment that I reign down upon you, is my ultimate satisfaction. I will heap upon your pathetic cock and balls all the suffering you have earned and deserve. There are so many different methods I can use to torture your package, with the only limitations being my imagination and my mercy. And as my imagination is limitless, and my mercy practically non-existent, your torturous experience will be exquisitely endless. I will bring you to tears and you will enjoy every agonizing second.



Explore With Me


I’m not called the Queen of Mean for nothing, you know. There are several reasons, actually. Men love to be pushed to their limits, just to see how much they can endure. And I am just the woman to do it! I love to administer pain. I love to hear you begging and pleading. The more I hear a man cry out, the more I want to keep right on giving it.

I am always looking for some new sissy bitches and slaves to add to my harem. Men really do love to be controlled and owned. Especially those puppets that are looking for someone to give some meaning to their pathetic little lives.

But I am a true Mistress. I demand loyalty and dedication. No one tops from the bottom with me. You come into my world because you want to belong to someone. Maybe you are confused or lost. Or you just want to explore something new and different. You may have discovered certain things you never thought you would ever even think about and suddenly you have become obsessed with. What does it feel like to be degraded, to wear panties, to feel pain, to play with toys, to be pushed over the edge, and so much more? When I take control of you the sky is the limit. I will push you to try all the things you thought you would never do. That is what I am here for.

And don’t you forget it.

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