Admit it; You’re a Pin Dick


Few calls are as fun as small penis humiliation phone sex. I love laughing at little dicks. You could never please me with that little useless worm between your legs. I know that when you call me on the phone you are already stroking your pathetic little pencil dick. You tell me that you have a big cock, but I can see right through that bullshit. It is nothing more than a little bitch boy clitty. What you should be doing is telling me just how pathetic you really are, and how worthless that little pin dick is because you are not man enough to take care of a real woman.

You have to put two fingers together to feel your little dick and stroke that sorry excuse for a prick. Do you really think you have what it takes to turn a woman on? Hell, you can’t shoot a load large enough to turn on a man, let alone a woman. Who do you think you are going to please? Surely not a Goddess like me! I’m the type of woman that needs to be fucked deep and hard, not just a tickle from a small pencil dick like yours.

I guess the best thing that you can have going for you is a hard tongue, so I hope you know how to work it. But you won’t be using it on me. I have better uses for pathetic men like you, like putting you on your knees and making you my little fluffer bitch.

But if you’re lucky, I will let you to hang around and watch a real man fuck my hot, wet pussy. A man with big dick. A REAL man. I bet he would love to laugh at your small dick too, while he is shoving his big cock down your throat.

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Your Cock Doesn’t Know


  Your cock doesn’t know you’re pathetic. It doesn’t know it’s attached to an inadequate loser who doesn’t have a last man on earth’s chance of getting anywhere near a woman like me. It’s a cock. So when you see my luscious lips, the hypnotizing fullness of my beautiful breasts and the femininity of my curvaceous body, your cock craves me and it gets hard. If your cock knew what a weak, watered-down version of a man you really are, it probably wouldn’t even bother. But you know. Don’t you?

You’re reminded all the time. Are you reminded every time you’re in the same room with a real man and you become invisible? Maybe you’re reminded whenever your wife spreads her legs for you out of pity and you think to yourself ‘it’s looser than I remember’. Maybe you get reminded when you feel your panties shift and your tiny balls fall out. Or maybe all you need to do is look in the mirror.

I’m glad that nobody has told your cock, though. Whenever I think a man like you can’t get any more desperate or any more pathetic, his cock stiffens up and he reaches a whole new level of beta. I’m laughing as type this thinking of the whimpering and begging you’ll do while I tease you to insanity. ‘’Please, Mistress. Please. Please. I’ll do anything!” And you will too. You’ll give me your money, your dignity and anything else I want, hoping that you’ll hear me say “Yes you may.”

I’ll enjoy the power I have over you, teasing you cruelly. And then, when you think you have never wanted anything as much as you want release, when you think you can’t take anymore, or when I get bored with you, you will be… denied. But you’ll come back for more. Because you’ll realize that denial from me is better than any approval you can get elsewhere. And because, well, you have a cock and it doesn’t know.

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Cumming To Terms With Being A Cuck

Cumming To Terms With Being A Cuck

I love it when I get a client that mentions their slutty wife/girlfriend. Sometimes they don’t really want to get down to the facts of the situation, though. They minimize the situation and tell me that their wife/girlfriend is just some sort of insatiable fuck slut, which is why she is getting dick on the side. And with some, that may be the case. Those girls do exist. I know because am one. In fact, I think variety is the spice of life. But for the most part, it is safe to assume that if they, as husbands/boyfriends, were enough to begin with, she would have more than plenty to keep her happy at home.

The reality of the situation often is that the men with slutty wives/girlfriends totally lack the ability to please their women. There are several reasons why he might not be her (only) cup of tea. Maybe he’s not big enough, and she needs to be filled with something bigger than the pathetic mediocre cock he has been cursed with. Maybe he’s just naturally too submissive, and she needs a big dom daddy to fuck her senseless. Or maybe she gets off on making her husband her bitch by forcing him to clean up the mess her bull left behind.

But no matter the root of the problem, the sooner these men admit that to themselves, the better off they will be, because it will open up a whole new world for them. They can then admit their disability to their wife/girlfriend, and together they can work out a wonderfully kinky arrangement that will keep them both happy.

A man like this has to come to terms with the fact that he cannot please his wife/girlfriend, and MUST rely on others to do it for him. I know it might be a difficult truth to own up to, but once a cuck knows his place, life gets a little easier and a whole lot sexier.

Are you that type of guy? Is your wife/girlfriend fucking other people? Has she stopped fucking you? Does the thought of being a cock fluffing, cream pie junkie turn you on? If so, book a cuckolding phone cam show/phone sex session with me today, and we’ll talk all about it.