Dear Mistress…


I thought I’d post an email I got from one of my sissy subs to encourage you reluctant cocksuckers to put on your big girl panties and get down on your knees.

Dear Mistress,

I wanted to talk to you but you weren’t available. But I couldn’t wait to tell you that I sucked cock for you today, Mistress, and now I’m a real sissy. I have a confession to make. It took me a while to get my nerve up. I went to the bookstore yesterday but I chickened out. That’s why I sent you that big tribute. I was ashamed of myself and wanted to make up for letting you down, even though you didn’t know I did. But I didn’t give up, Mistress. I put on my red panties with the black lace and went back down there today and made you proud.

I saw a guy reading the magazines. I could tell he was getting turned on so when he went to the back where the bathroom is I followed him. My heart was beating so hard but all I thought about was serving you Mistress. Just before he went into the bathroom, I reached out and grabbed his cock. He yelled at me and asked me what the fuck I was doing. And I told him. I said I want to suck his cock. He was a big guy. He looked like the truck driving type. I thought he was going to punch me or something. But he opened the door and told me to come in.

As soon as he slid his fat cock meat in my mouth, the sissy in me came out. I sucked his cock like you were watching me. I could hear your voice in my head telling me to be a good little cock whore. He had huge fucking balls and I gobbled those down too while I worked his cock with my hands. I felt him get hard as brick and put my lips on his cockhead just in time to catch his load. It was so much cum! When he finished with me he said ‘damn you faggots can some suck some cock’. It felt so good when he said that. After he left I could taste cum and smell his balls on my face and I had to cum twice before I could leave.

You were so right, Mistress. I’ve been fantasizing about this for so long but only you could bring it out of me. I’m glad you own me. I’m so cock hungry now. I just posted an ad on CL. I might have some more cock in my mouth and my ass by the time I talk to you again! Can’t wait to talk to you and tell you more. My cock is so hard right now I can’t take it.


Sissy Sarah


Bow Down, Bitch!


There is nothing that pleases this sadistic Mistress more than seeing you bowed before me, totally emasculated and begging for mercy, while I strip away the last remnants of your dignity with my vile, soul crushing words.

You are such a useless sissy bitch boy, only worthy of being transformed into the cock craving faggot. You are such a loser, I don’t even deem you worthy of licking the cream pie out of my cunt. If you want to taste my pussy, you’re going to have to clean it off the cock that fucks me! That’s the closest to my cunt you’re ever going to get!

No, no more pussy for you, ever. Instead you are going to be a total fuck pig faggot, and my extreme hardcore humiliation will train you to beg for dick like the greedy little cum whore that I know you should be!

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Turning You Into My Sissy


If you are dying to try out some sissy phone sex with me, then you have probably heard just how kinky I can be. I love to humiliate bitch boy losers like you. I have no tolerance for men who are weak and ill equipped to perform their manly duties. And I can sniff out your kind from a mile away. You reek of inadequacies and desperation. So don’t even try to pretend with me. There really is no need. I can see exactly what you are good for. And it’s not for pleasing my pretty pussy.

Sissy training is what you need. And I am sure I can bring you more pleasure by using you as my cum guzzling faggot slut than you ever hoped to receive while failing at being a real man. You will attract a lot more attention as a sissy, I promise you. Strong men crave someone like you. Strong men with big cocks. They love to humiliate and use you just as much as I do. But I probably won’t put you out there to be used by real men right away. I like to take it slow, and train you properly. I want to play with you for awhile. I want to teach you how to be the perfect sissy. You will learn to dress the part, act the part, and enjoy the part.

We can start by locking your little mini tool up so you can only rub it like a little clit when you get excited. Then I will dress you in sexy clothes and apply some slutty make up. And I will show you how sissy faggots learn to be good cock suckers. And when I think you’re ready, I’ll give your sissy pussy will get what I have taught you to crave; the feel of a big, fat dick stretching your sissy slut hole. And if you’re a good little slut, and work really hard at it, the sissygasam you’ll receive will be better than any nut you’ve ever busted.
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Little Dick Loser


You are such a pathetic little fucker. I have told you over and over again just what a total fuck stain I think you are. And now that you’ve dropped your pants, I can’t stop laughing at your tiny tool. I bet every girl you’ve ever shown it to has laughed and told you to “get the fuck away from me with that thing”. I have seen clits bigger than your penis. It feels wrong to even call it a penis because it is so small. It is virtually useless. How do you get any pleasure from that? You can barely see it, let alone stroke it. Even your balls are tiny. Acorn size at best. How much cum could be in there? A couple drops? Hahahaha! Well, at least they are proportionate. 

I think if you want your pin dick to cum, you should pay a Cum Tax. That’s right, your pathetic little dick does not get to shoot that loser load unless you pay for it. That’s why you’re calling me, right? I am the only person that will help you get your baby dick off. No one else wants to go near that baby cock. 

Are you getting hard? *squint* It’s so small, I really can’t tell. I bet any kind of contact with my fingers would really get you going. Hell, I bet if I just blow on it, it’s going stiffen up.

**Lightly Blows**

There we go. It didn’t get much bigger, but now it’s awake fully awake. I have my measuring tape ready to get the maximum length on record. Oh my Fucking god it’s bigger than I thought.

Drum roll please. Your baby dick is ……

a full 3 inches long.


What the fuck is a Goddess like me suppose to do with that? Not. Fucking. Shit. You’re about 5 inches too small for me! So I am just going to sit back and laugh my ass off while you two finger stroke your tiny piss stick and make it squirt a tiny little puddle of jizz. Then I’m going to make you lick that up. Don’t worry. I’m sure there won’t be much, so it won’t be that bad. Like I said, your balls are tiny.

Then you’re going to tuck your pathetic excuse for a dick away, and keep your hands off of it until I tell you that you can touch it again.

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Mistress Annikah’s Sissy Point Game

The goal of this game is to be the best sissy you can be and earn as many points as possible in the span of a 28 days. Score keeping will be done from the 1st of the month to the 28th. Sissies should contact Mistress Annikah weekly to report their progress. All sissies that achieve more than 250 points during the 4 week period will receive a mention on my blog & twitter.

Cumming To Terms With Being A Cuck

Cumming To Terms With Being A Cuck

I love it when I get a client that mentions their slutty wife/girlfriend. Sometimes they don’t really want to get down to the facts of the situation, though. They minimize the situation and tell me that their wife/girlfriend is just some sort of insatiable fuck slut, which is why she is getting dick on the side. And with some, that may be the case. Those girls do exist. I know because am one. In fact, I think variety is the spice of life. But for the most part, it is safe to assume that if they, as husbands/boyfriends, were enough to begin with, she would have more than plenty to keep her happy at home.

The reality of the situation often is that the men with slutty wives/girlfriends totally lack the ability to please their women. There are several reasons why he might not be her (only) cup of tea. Maybe he’s not big enough, and she needs to be filled with something bigger than the pathetic mediocre cock he has been cursed with. Maybe he’s just naturally too submissive, and she needs a big dom daddy to fuck her senseless. Or maybe she gets off on making her husband her bitch by forcing him to clean up the mess her bull left behind.

But no matter the root of the problem, the sooner these men admit that to themselves, the better off they will be, because it will open up a whole new world for them. They can then admit their disability to their wife/girlfriend, and together they can work out a wonderfully kinky arrangement that will keep them both happy.

A man like this has to come to terms with the fact that he cannot please his wife/girlfriend, and MUST rely on others to do it for him. I know it might be a difficult truth to own up to, but once a cuck knows his place, life gets a little easier and a whole lot sexier.

Are you that type of guy? Is your wife/girlfriend fucking other people? Has she stopped fucking you? Does the thought of being a cock fluffing, cream pie junkie turn you on? If so, book a cuckolding phone cam show/phone sex session with me today, and we’ll talk all about it.