Submit To Me

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Who you are is not the problem. Not accepting who you are is the problem. If you keep hoping that one day they won’t laugh at your 3-inch, baby carrot, dick or that one day she’ll stop coming home so late, or that one day you won’t be so fucking weak, you will always feel the pain of being a failure. You will always feel the shame of not living up to expectations. Why torture yourself with hope? There is no hope for you. You are a loser, and you will always be a loser. Accept who you are, submit to me, and make the most out of your pathetic, insignificant life.

It’s ironic how free you’ll feel after you slip on the leash and collar. No more pretending and failing to be someone you could never be. No more lying to yourself. No more denying what’s in your DNA. You have the S gene. You were born to worship me. When you bow down at my pretty feet, you will find the purpose you never thought you had, which is to serve me. When you look up, you’ll see the only thing that matters and you will know what it finally feels like to be where you belong. The sooner you come terms with the undeniable, the sooner you will realize that it is better to have a purpose, no matter how subservient and humiliating it may be, than to have no purpose at all.

You have no other purpose.

Submit to me.

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That’s My Money In Your Wallet


My Needs Are Greater Than Your Needs. You have a mortgage? Kids to put through school? Food to buy? I don’t give a fuck. I want a pedicure. My smallest wants are more important than your biggest needs. My subjects understand this. I will teach you how to prioritize and you will understand this too. And you will give me your money.

It’s Your Only Purpose. At some point, you’ll probably start to think that I like you, that I care about you. If indulging in that fantasy helps money transfer from your bank account to mine, then by all means, knock yourself out. But I’m telling you now that all you are and all you will ever be, to me, is a financial resource. If you cease to fulfill the purpose of your existence, I will discard you. And since you’ll want to stay in the realm of Mistress Annikah-Lynn, you will give me your money.

You Can Satisfy A Woman, For A Change. You probably think that you’ve gotten used to being a disappointment by now. You try to pretend that it doesn’t hurt when she fakes it, but it does. Deep down, you want to be able to make a woman happy and to satisfy her. When I get money, the smile on my face is real and when I spend it, I am truly satisfied. You want to know what it feels like to be ‘that guy’, so you will give me your money.

Blackmail Works. Anybody who has ever spent more than five minutes with you knows that you’re a loser. That’s not a secret. But they couldn’t possibly imagine what a defect you really are. What if they saw the things you do for me on cam? What if they could hear the things you say to me? What if they knew the humiliation and depravity you seek? You don’t want to be exposed, so you will give me your money.

And of course, there’s the reason why you do everything… because Mistress said so.

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Bow Down, Bitch!


There is nothing that pleases this sadistic Mistress more than seeing you bowed before me, totally emasculated and begging for mercy, while I strip away the last remnants of your dignity with my vile, soul crushing words.

You are such a useless sissy bitch boy, only worthy of being transformed into the cock craving faggot. You are such a loser, I don’t even deem you worthy of licking the cream pie out of my cunt. If you want to taste my pussy, you’re going to have to clean it off the cock that fucks me! That’s the closest to my cunt you’re ever going to get!

No, no more pussy for you, ever. Instead you are going to be a total fuck pig faggot, and my extreme hardcore humiliation will train you to beg for dick like the greedy little cum whore that I know you should be!

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So You Think You’re Tough, Huh?


You know, if you were a real man, I might not have to punish you so much. Or, if you’d just admit that you are a weak little bitch boy, I might take some mercy on you, and punish you less. But you still think you are a big, tough guy, and once again that forces me to show you just how wrong you are. Let’s see how strong you look when I kick the shit out of those balls. Lets see if stamping on that hard on with my boots wipes the smug smile off of your face. As your Mistress, I decide how much you can take. I decide when enough is enough, so there’s no stopping until I say so. I know you’re getting hard thinking about the abuse I will pummel you with. And as strong as you think you are, I promise you It won’t be long until I bring you to tears, and then I’ll really give you something to cry about! And when all is said and done, you will cower at my feet like a slave should, and tell your Mistress ‘thank you’ for showing you what a little bitch you really are.

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“Mistress Annikah Gives My Pathetic Life Purpose”

fishnet1111Who controls your that fucking cock?

That’s right, bitch, I DO!

I know you love every moment of my torment & teasing. You crave it. You beg for it. And you wouldn’t have a fucking clue what to do with yourself if I didn’t give you directions and permission.

Admit it, you NEED me! You are nothing without me.

Say it out loud:

Mistress Annikah gives my pathetic life purpose. I am nothing but a loser desperate for her control. It is my duty to serve her.”

That’s a good little bitch. This is how you are to greet me from now on.

Now continue to chant this as you dial my number, fuckstain.

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Fuck Yourself For Me, ClitDick


One of my favorite fetishes is small penis humiliation. And I especially love you little webcam sluts that get on skype and show me just how tiny your tool is! You clitty dick mother fuckers crack me the fuck up! I enjoy taunting and teasing virgin losers that never have a shot at getting any real pussy. I love hearing about the times you’ve worked up enough nerve to pull it out in front of a girl, hoping for the best, only to be shut down, laughed at, and told to put that baby dick away.

I also love a little dick loser that overcompensates for his mini package with a huge fucking dildo up his ass! I’ve seen you fuckers take dildos in your slut holes I wouldn’t let near my pussy! I mean, I’m a size queen and all, but those are some big ass fucking behemoth dicks! Does your poor little stretched out asshole EVER recover from that!?

But the fun really gets started when I make you start improvising with stuff you find around the house: toothbrushes, flashlights, wine bottles. I’ve even been know to make my little dick bitch boys take baseball bats up the ass! Whatever is handy. Haha! So how about putting on a show for Mistress Annikah tonight? I need a good laugh!

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Admit it; You’re a Pin Dick


Few calls are as fun as small penis humiliation phone sex. I love laughing at little dicks. You could never please me with that little useless worm between your legs. I know that when you call me on the phone you are already stroking your pathetic little pencil dick. You tell me that you have a big cock, but I can see right through that bullshit. It is nothing more than a little bitch boy clitty. What you should be doing is telling me just how pathetic you really are, and how worthless that little pin dick is because you are not man enough to take care of a real woman.

You have to put two fingers together to feel your little dick and stroke that sorry excuse for a prick. Do you really think you have what it takes to turn a woman on? Hell, you can’t shoot a load large enough to turn on a man, let alone a woman. Who do you think you are going to please? Surely not a Goddess like me! I’m the type of woman that needs to be fucked deep and hard, not just a tickle from a small pencil dick like yours.

I guess the best thing that you can have going for you is a hard tongue, so I hope you know how to work it. But you won’t be using it on me. I have better uses for pathetic men like you, like putting you on your knees and making you my little fluffer bitch.

But if you’re lucky, I will let you to hang around and watch a real man fuck my hot, wet pussy. A man with big dick. A REAL man. I bet he would love to laugh at your small dick too, while he is shoving his big cock down your throat.

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