Making Pain


My sensual femininity is my ultimate power tool. But don’t think that means I won’t administer pain when you need to be punished. Hahaha Who am I kidding? Sometimes I administer pain just because I want to. What can I say? After a hard day, the sound of a slave whimpering in pain can be such a stress reliever. But once I decide that a slave must pay, either for his own transgressions or because I need to unwind, I have to make a decision. How am I going to make him hurt? There are so many ways to make pain.

I’ve found that ball and cock torture is especially effective for disobedient slaves. That kind of pain is memorable. It sends a message. Plus, there’s a special kind of fear in a slave’s eyes when you’ve literally got him by the balls . It’s a fear like no other. I like that. The sounds are different too. I swear I could listen to a symphony of nothing but guys getting their cocks and balls tortured. It’s music to my ears.

When I need to make a slave understand that his body is no longer his body, nothing works better than increasing his circumference. I’ll open up a slave’s ass until it’s the size of a manhole if that’s what it takes for them to understand that I own them. My slaves tend to catch on quick though, so I haven’t had to go that far yet. Yet…

There are all kinds of tools and instruments that can be used to inflict physical pain, and they have their place. But I don’t need clamps, ropes, whips, monster dildos or anything else to inflict on you the worst kind of pain, and that’s psychological.



Submit To Me

Humiliation Phone Sessions.jpg

Who you are is not the problem. Not accepting who you are is the problem. If you keep hoping that one day they won’t laugh at your 3-inch, baby carrot, dick or that one day she’ll stop coming home so late, or that one day you won’t be so fucking weak, you will always feel the pain of being a failure. You will always feel the shame of not living up to expectations. Why torture yourself with hope? There is no hope for you. You are a loser, and you will always be a loser. Accept who you are, submit to me, and make the most out of your pathetic, insignificant life.

It’s ironic how free you’ll feel after you slip on the leash and collar. No more pretending and failing to be someone you could never be. No more lying to yourself. No more denying what’s in your DNA. You have the S gene. You were born to worship me. When you bow down at my pretty feet, you will find the purpose you never thought you had, which is to serve me. When you look up, you’ll see the only thing that matters and you will know what it finally feels like to be where you belong. The sooner you come terms with the undeniable, the sooner you will realize that it is better to have a purpose, no matter how subservient and humiliating it may be, than to have no purpose at all.

You have no other purpose.

Submit to me.

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That’s My Money In Your Wallet


My Needs Are Greater Than Your Needs. You have a mortgage? Kids to put through school? Food to buy? I don’t give a fuck. I want a pedicure. My smallest wants are more important than your biggest needs. My subjects understand this. I will teach you how to prioritize and you will understand this too. And you will give me your money.

It’s Your Only Purpose. At some point, you’ll probably start to think that I like you, that I care about you. If indulging in that fantasy helps money transfer from your bank account to mine, then by all means, knock yourself out. But I’m telling you now that all you are and all you will ever be, to me, is a financial resource. If you cease to fulfill the purpose of your existence, I will discard you. And since you’ll want to stay in the realm of Mistress Annikah-Lynn, you will give me your money.

You Can Satisfy A Woman, For A Change. You probably think that you’ve gotten used to being a disappointment by now. You try to pretend that it doesn’t hurt when she fakes it, but it does. Deep down, you want to be able to make a woman happy and to satisfy her. When I get money, the smile on my face is real and when I spend it, I am truly satisfied. You want to know what it feels like to be ‘that guy’, so you will give me your money.

Blackmail Works. Anybody who has ever spent more than five minutes with you knows that you’re a loser. That’s not a secret. But they couldn’t possibly imagine what a defect you really are. What if they saw the things you do for me on cam? What if they could hear the things you say to me? What if they knew the humiliation and depravity you seek? You don’t want to be exposed, so you will give me your money.

And of course, there’s the reason why you do everything… because Mistress said so.

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Locked Up In Chastity For Mistress Annikah


Do you want that cock cage unlocked? I know that you feel like you’ve been in that cock cage for an eternity, but in reality, your cock hasn’t been my prisoner for very long. I know that the “click” of the lock is still freshly echoing in your memory. And its hard to think of anything else but release when you’re all locked up, isn’t it? It’s not like you weren’t horny enough without that cage! But now you’re wearing a cold hard constant reminder of unattainable desire. Knowing you’re unable to get an erection in that cage makes your dick try even harder, doesn’t it? Hahahahaha!

All you can think about is what I’m going to demand of you in order to earn your way out so you can get that sweet release. I can see in your eyes how badly you are craving it, growing in intensity with each passing minute. I know that you’re willing to do whatever it is I want. But as you try to imagine the kinky scenarios that I may create, you realize that because I’m so unpredictable, you have no fucking idea what I really might ask of you. You cannot fathom the depths of my depravity, and that realization terrifies you. The brilliant torment is just too much! It pleases me know know that you’re tossing and turning. Wanting and wondering. Fantasizing with aching anticipation.

Might it even occur to you that once released, you will still be denied?

HAHAHAHA! I’m sure it didn’t.

Oh, to work so hard to achieve release from the device only to remain a prisoner still once freed from the physical cage. What kind of twisted sadistic Mistress would do that?

This one, my pet.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head about what I decide to do, because you are totally powerless in the situation, anyway. What I decide to do with you and your cock rests entirely upon whatever whim of my own that I feel like fulfilling. The best you can do is attempt to stay in my good graces.

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Foot Worship Cam Show


It isn’t often that I feel like turning on my cam line, so if you want the golden opportunity to worship my divine feet in real time, you will have to prove that you are worthy of my time. I want to hear just how badly you want to suck my tender toes, and lick my delicate arches. I’ll know by the tone of desperation in your voice, the urgency in your pleading, that you are sincere, and should be permitted to request an audience at the Queen’s feet.

Feet are the lowest point, and over all the least appreciated part of the body. And when you kneel to worship them, you are acknowledging that your status is at the very bottom. So when I turn on my cam, you will bow before me, and tell me that you recognize that this is your place, and you have come ready to serve my every desire.

If you’d like to be a good little foot slave, and spoil my beautiful feet, you can pay for my pedicure here, or buy something for them from my WISHLIST.